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Report up to June 4, 2021

I spent last week or so in the East Kootenays chasing Rainbows in crystal clear water over Marl bottoms with Chironomids, it was like heaven. (Zero contact with anyone from my home to the mountains and back home for those that may wonder).

With the rivers getting into full run off I would take the opportunity to explore the lakes that are finishing off chironomids other than the higher elevation lake and getting into what I think is the best time of the season, multiple insect hatches overlapping.

Baetis will be in full swing soon if not already on a lot of lakes as the sedge begin to show up down low and will be out strong in the next month on lakes from the Cariboo through Alberta.

Lakes can be a bit more technical and the fish can be more finicky being that the water is so clear and they have a ton of food options to pick from, so you have to present the fly well and it has to be close enough to the naturals that they'll eat it.

A balanced leech under an indy is never a bad choice and often is the only thing you need to do to catch fish all day. I like mottled brown/black, black/red mohair and olive in sizes 14 up to size 8.

If this isn't possible for whatever reason I recommend going the exact opposite direction and throw attractor patterns at them like Boobies, Clousers ripped hard and fast, Blobs, etc. because sometimes these patterns and techniques work better than trying to match the hatch.

Regardless, whether you stick to the rivers through the high water or head out to the lakes, enjoy the season because it's always shorter than we like and over before we know it.

FYI, I also guide on stillwaters and along with guiding, I provide one on one or group lessons specific to each person's experience and ability. What better time than now to hone those skills or even begin this amazing adventure we call fly fishing.


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