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Sunday, May 16, 2021 - Beaver Lake

Expecting an incredibly busy day from the boat launch to finding a spot on the lake since it is the weekend, we were extremely surprised to have a great day on the water and had to share it with only a quarter of the number of people we expected.

The fish are still in shallow water filling their bellies on Chironomids with fairly steady action from the start of the day. The water temperature is up to between 12 C and 13.5 C and the most productive depth was in 6-7' of water with the indicator set to about 5' to the bottom fly, with two more flies 12" above the bottom fly and each other fly.

Light green with a red butt and Chromie with wine rib seemed to be the most attractive to the fish today. The largest hooked was a big Rainbow that was around 24" that was lost at the net due to human/guide error. A decent number of Tigers were caught and too many recently stocked 12" Rainbows kept us laughing most of the day.

It was mostly sunny with a mild breeze with the temperature getting up to 25 C, so it was once again a great day on the water with two awesome anglers. Finally took the Drone out for a flight around the lake, enjoy...

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