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Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - Bow River

Floated from Shouldice to Glenmore on the water at about 9:30.

The water is still in great shape, nice and clear but still fairly low with flows still around 90-100.

Fishing was hot and cold but overall it was a decent day. We caught a good amount of Browns, a couple Rainbows and a couple Whitefish with the fish of the day being a 23" Brown.

Techniques that worked were an even split between streamers and Worm patterns under an indicator. The fish are mostly still in the slower, deeper water but seem to be moving out into faster feed lanes which is nice to see.

Floating the downtown section is pretty cool and Harvie's Passage is a fun experience but make sure if you do the Passage you or whomever is on the oars has the appropriate experience. The fishing through Downtown seems to be improving with each season.

Get out there an take advantage of this great fishery. I'd love to share your adventure and make some memories so book your spot for this season while there are still openings.


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