All About Me

Fly Fishing Junkie

As a dedicated Fly Angler pretty much since I could walk, I discovered many years ago that I thoroughly enjoy helping and watching others catch fish.
Naturally I ended up guiding on the Bow River and other waters over 30 years ago but ended up leaving it to work away from home for a couple of decades.
I always planned on returning to guiding clients and teaching people of all ages and now the time has come.  You might call me the "Old, new kid on the block" since it's been so long since I officially guided.


I've been fly fishing for approximately 45 years mostly in Western Canada, specifically on the Bow River along with the Rivers, streams and lakes in Southern Alberta.  My Grandfather stuck a fly rod in my hand when I was very young and got me tying flies at the same time in my young life, and I've never looked back.  Let me share my experience to help you have a great day on the water and to make some memories.

Sometimes that one fish of a lifetime comes on that One More Last Cast...