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Monday May 3, 2021 - Beaver Lake

Woke up and decided to drive up to Beaver Lake after hearing good reports and found out the reports were true.

I was on the water fairly early considering I drove the two hours from Calgary and it was steady from the time I anchored at about 10:00. It was good even after being surrounded by a dozen boats or so and everyone seemed to be getting into fish. The weather started looking ominous so I pulled anchor and decided to head out around 1:30.

Fish of the day was a Rainbow that measured just over 22" and the Tigers were a blast. There seems to be more this year between 12" and 17" so I'd say they're doing well after a couple seasons of being stocked in these lakes.

I anchored in about 6-7' of water and set my indicator at 5' mostly casting to the shore letting the wind move it for me. Chironomids were the ticket in ASB grey with red rib and wine with a gold rib both size 14 2x long.

All in all it was a good day and if you head out there, (even on a weekday), be prepared for a busy lake.

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